Study claims weight loss surgery can prevent diabetes in patients

A new research claims that weight loss surgery can prevent diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases from presenting themselves on adults for years. The research also expounds the idea that weight loss surgery can possibly reverse some of the complications brought by these diseases. The study initiated by researchers from the Cleveland Clinic gathered data from observing groups of people with diabetes who went through bariatric surgery, a weight loss surgery, as a treatment for their obesity. The researchers had to track and monitor these patients for up to nine years after their surgery to check if they will eventually acquire Continue Reading →

Release of Version 4.5 of Track3 Diabetes app for iPhone

We have released version 4.5 of the Track3 app for iPhone. Both the US version and the SI version have been updated. When you email a log, a PDF formatted report is also emailed out. This PDF report contains charts for glucose, food and weight. We made minor enhancements and fixed a couple of issues with multi-device sync. The app now has links to our social media pages (facebook, twitter).

iPhone version 4.1 released with bug fixes

We have uploaded version 4.1 of the iPhone app to the Apple App Store. Once Apple approves it, it will be available for download. We fixed several issues with sync option. International customers can purchase and use sync with this release. We fixed a chart crash in Weight charts. Carb totals for Snack period is shown.

iPhone version 4.0 now approved and ready for release

We have made significant improvements to the Track3 Diabetes Tracker and Logbook app for iPhone and iPad. We have updated the user interface with new icons to better reflect the actions. We have changed the way recently logged food items are displayed – you can now choose the meal type and the number of days shown. Food database has been updated. We have added more items to the list of common foods and added items from more restaurants. The app now syncs with our online diabetes logbook, Data can be shared with multiple devices. For example, Track3 can be Continue Reading →

Version 3.0 released

Food log entries can now be grouped by meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) Under settings, set meal time period. This helps preset the meal time in food entry and also in Glucose, Insulin, Medication entries Faster lookup of food items Display Calories, Carbs for food items when viewing restaurant lists, brand item lists. Search for food item under Restaurant menu, Brand list. In Charts, added Period option to see charts only for one period. Save Insulin, Medication entries without forcing for units input Under Nutrition, Calorie/Carbs Log gives the nutrition summary and also gives the food details below. The Continue Reading →

Track3 Diabetes

The Track3 App by Coheso helps you track all of the factors that keep your blood sugar balanced. Track3 logs nutrition and exercise information as well as oral medications and insulin. It will even record different insulin types plus unique foods and exercise routines. This App does not require a connection to the internet, so you can stay connected to your health anytime, anywhere. This offline database contains nutritional information for over 80,000 foods, 300 restaurants, and 500 specific brands. Track3 App features include: Carb and calorie details for over 80,000 foods, 500 specific food brands, and 300 restaurants. Adjust serving sizes to Continue Reading →