Skin drug manifest promising results for type 1 diabetes patients

In a small trial conducted in the US, researchers found out that a drug which was previously used to treat a skin disorder has shown signs of being able to cure some aspects of type 1 diabetes. Diabetes mellitus type 1, also known as type 1 diabetes, is a form of diabetes that is caused by autoimmune problem which destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. This inability to keep the destruction of the insulin-producing cells leads to the lack of insulin necessary to regulate the body’s blood glucose level. Common symptoms of type 1 diabetes include frequent urination, Continue Reading →

Study claims weight loss surgery can prevent diabetes in patients

A new research claims that weight loss surgery can prevent diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases from presenting themselves on adults for years. The research also expounds the idea that weight loss surgery can possibly reverse some of the complications brought by these diseases. The study initiated by researchers from the Cleveland Clinic gathered data from observing groups of people with diabetes who went through bariatric surgery, a weight loss surgery, as a treatment for their obesity. The researchers had to track and monitor these patients for up to nine years after their surgery to check if they will eventually acquire Continue Reading →

How much sugar is hiding in your food?

          With our busy and hectic schedules, we often tend to lose track of the amount of calories, sugar, carbohydrates and other nutrients we get from what we eat. Just like calories and carbohydrates, sugar is a nutrient that the body needs to perform properly. On the other hand, excessive sugar in the body is attributed to several diseases such as obesity, and diabetes. Safe to say, cutting back on sugar is one of the most common and effective way of managing diabetes. To date, the AHA recommends consuming no more than 150 calories from sugar Continue Reading →

iPhone version 4.1 released with bug fixes

We have uploaded version 4.1 of the iPhone app to the Apple App Store. Once Apple approves it, it will be available for download. We fixed several issues with sync option. International customers can purchase and use sync with this release. We fixed a chart crash in Weight charts. Carb totals for Snack period is shown.

iPhone version 4.0 now approved and ready for release

We have made significant improvements to the Track3 Diabetes Tracker and Logbook app for iPhone and iPad. We have updated the user interface with new icons to better reflect the actions. We have changed the way recently logged food items are displayed – you can now choose the meal type and the number of days shown. Food database has been updated. We have added more items to the list of common foods and added items from more restaurants. The app now syncs with our online diabetes logbook, Data can be shared with multiple devices. For example, Track3 can be Continue Reading →

Version 3.0 released

Food log entries can now be grouped by meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) Under settings, set meal time period. This helps preset the meal time in food entry and also in Glucose, Insulin, Medication entries Faster lookup of food items Display Calories, Carbs for food items when viewing restaurant lists, brand item lists. Search for food item under Restaurant menu, Brand list. In Charts, added Period option to see charts only for one period. Save Insulin, Medication entries without forcing for units input Under Nutrition, Calorie/Carbs Log gives the nutrition summary and also gives the food details below. The Continue Reading →